AGAM® socks EXPLORER, Go Anywhere, Do Anything

The AGAM® socks EXPLORER series is designed for your all-terrain performance, superior comfort, and total protection.

Powered by Lite-compression, a durable and light-weight natural sustainable fabric, and excellent performance cushioning in selected areas of the socks.

The EXPLORER is knitted and crafted with eco-consciousness and sustainability in mind. 

The fusion of the TENCEL™ LYOCELL with Fine MERINO WOOL and POLYCOLON® x LYCRA® Black gives you a unique Hybrid Intelligent Fabric.

Fabric : Hybrid Intelligent Fabric 

Hybrid Intelligent Fabric Feel : Lightweight-Cool | Warm-Cozy


TENCEL Lyocell fibers are naturally soft to touch and support the body’s natural thermal regulating mechanism, keeping your feet cool and dry throughout the day and night.

MERINO WOOL is the natural and most versatile fiber in the world. Merino Wool’s thermoregulatory keeps your feet cool on hot days and also keeps your feet warm even in wet weather.

POLYCOLON® HIGH PERFORMANCE fibers quickly wick away excess moisture from the feet and effectively prevent heat accumulation at high temperatures.

LYCRA® BLACK ensures an ergonomic fit and provides stretch for your freedom of movement.

Together, these unique characters empower the AGAM® socks EXPLORER for you to go anywhere and do anything!

Sustainability for the future.

The MERINO Wool x POLYCOLON® EXP treatment process by Schoeller Spinning Group meets the highest standards. The Chlorine-free process uses less resources than conventional process and is carried out reliably of the company’s European manufacturing site, meaning it is a truly all-round sustainable innovation.

EXP is the first wool treatment process in the world to meet the strict criteria of the “bluesign®” and “Global Organic Textile (G.O.T.S)” standards, and it is also conforms with the “Oeko-Tex standard”.

 TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers known for their natural comfort and environmentally responsible closed loop production process. Derived from sustainable wood resources, harvested from certified and controlled sources following the stringent guidelines of the Lenzing Wood and Pulp Policy.