349.900 IDR

Wool Thermal Knee Series are designed to keep your feet in constant temperature, naturally breathable and actively reacts to changes in the feet temperature to keep you comfortable. It helps you stay warm when the weather is cold, and cool when the weather is hot in your outdoor activities.

The socks are kniitted with thick Wool Full Terry cushion in leg. The heel is contoured  with Y heel shape for your comfort heel support and the sole is structured with half Terry cushioned alongside with cushioned cap toe.

Fabric quality: Wool.

Elasticity: Lycra Stretch with Ergonomic-stretch fit for your comfort.


1. Full Terry Cushioned in leg to keep your feet warm and constant in temperature.

2. Half Terry Cushioned in sole alongside with cushioned cap toe.

3. Y-heel shape for your heel support during your activities.

4. Ankle elastic band for comfort grip and support your feet in motion.

Care: Hand Wash or machine wash. Do not use bleach. Hang dry.

Available: Men All size EU. 40-45