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      AGAM socks

      Enjoy Your Precious Journey ...
      Inspired by every moment of your life, we yearn to become a close and caring companion with your every foot steps.
      For more than 2 decades, we are passingly the quality craftsmanship to knit the most comfortable fine socks fabric with the highest hosiery technology to accompany and care for your feet. We are proud by your precious journey with AGAM socks.

      It’s About More Than Socks, It’s About You.
      Your quality shoes and boots need a comfortable, durable and versatile pair of socks to match. Our concern is to pairing your footwear with high-end quality socks.
      Commitment to Quality.
      We choose the best yarn available for our socks. We partner with manufacturers and suppliers that uphold the consistent ethical standards. AGAM socks are thoughtfully designed and knitted with the best knitting technology of fine hosiery.

      Fit your Feet and Lifestyle.
      We believe in clean and timeless designs, letting the best yarn and fabric shine through colors. It is avant garde, aesthetically made; AGAM socks that is as functional and fashionable for you to enjoy your lifestyle.
      We suit up your active feet lifestyle with quality socks knitted from natural yarn for you to enjoy cozy, fresh-dry and healthy feet.

      The vast majority of our socks style are using fine yarn count 30Ne and with 100% natural yarn. The result is a more elegant, aesthetic, softer hand feel and maximum breathable fabric. 


      Each of our socks series are uniquely designed in their fabric and knitted in different needle counts to comfortably fit your footwear and support your activities.

      TENCEL™ Modal fibers have the key benefit of biodegradable, botanic origin, long-lasting softness and enhanced breathability sock fabric. We develop our sock fabric using TENCEL™ Modal in blending combination with natural Cotton and Bamboo.


      Your healthy feet is our major concern. Our yarn is processed with Japan's antibacterial treatment to guarantee your feet free from fungi and odor. The Soft Cushion structure are designed in specific areas to keep your feet blister free.