Enjoying Your Blister Free Feet.

Have you ever experienced blisters on feet and feel uncomfortable in your activities?

Blisters are most common on the feet; while walking, running long distances or even when breaking in your new footwear. Blisters on the feet can be prevented by wearing well-fitting footwear pairing with quality socks.

Blisters are more likely to develop on skin that is moist, so socks that manage moisture with the moisture-wicking fabric will keep feet drier and reduce the chance of blisters. 

Say good-bye to blister feet.

Our commitment is to guarantee your feet blister-free for you to enjoy your precious journey.

Because of that, AGAM® socks has developed the moisture-wicking fabric from TENCEL™ Modal yarn blend with 100% Natural Cotton in our Performance series. We also have TENCEL™ Modal blend with 100% Natural Cotton in our Natural Colorways series and in the Voyager series.

Your feet will also delight in the soft-cozy padding cushion inside the socks.  Our Total Performance Cushion Tech is designed to protect your feet from friction and absorb shock during physical activities. 

Stay healthy-fresh feet.

Your healthy and fresh feet are also our major concern for your best performance. We processed our yarn with Japan’s anti-bacterial treatment to guarantee your feet odorless and fungi-free.

Take good care of your feet and enjoy your precious journey. Treat them with good quality socks …