AGAM® socks PERFORMANCE Colorway Ankle

PERFORMANCE Colorway are Full Terry socks comfortably designed to fully support your active lifestyle and guarantee your feet blister free.



Knitted from TENCEL™ Modal x 100% Pure Cotton natural fibers, the AGAM PERFORMANCE Colorway Ankle Series is a Full Terry socks that fully cushions your feet to protect it from blisters caused by constant friction and also absorbs shock during activities. The Terry fabric is knitted from fine yarn Ne 30s to give you soft, comfortable and fluffy cushion for your feet.

Additional information

Weight 100 g

S / EUR. 37-40, M / EUR. 40-43, L / EUR. 43-46, XL / EUR. 46++


1. Magma, 2. Delta, 3. Zebra, 4. Oceanic, 5. Lagoon, 6. Jungle Green, 7. Galactic, 8. Lobster, 9. Milky Way, 10. Strawberry, 11. Rosey, 12. Reef, 13. Plum Pudding, 14. Cream Cookie, 15. Coral, 16. Bubblegum, 17. Berry Mix


Fabric Material: TENCEL™ Modal x 100% Pure Cotton

Yarn Treatment: Treated with Japan’s Anti-Bacterial Tech which will prevent the growth of bacteria on the feet and also provides comfortable odorless feet.

Elasticity: Using the comfortable LYCRA™ Ergonomic-Stretch for the top-socks area and Elastic Contoured Fit that follows the shape of your feet to ensure maximum comfort in wearing also to stay in place while you are in active motion.

Knitting Texture: A Full Terry Cushion Single Jersey Knit with Thermo-Layer Tech for maximum breathable in moisture-management, the fabric absorbs sweat quickly, giving your feet a wonderful comfortable feel during everyday-activities.

Care: Hand-wash or machine wash. Do not use bleach. Hang dry. Socks will remain comfortable and soft even after multiple times washing.


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