AGAM® socks PERFORMANCE X Active Low Cut

The PERFORMANCE X is functionally crafted fabric for your active lifestyle and performance, keeping your feet feeling cool and dry through your activities.



AGAM®️ socks PERFORMANCE X using TENCEL™️ Lyocell 100% x TENCEL™️ Modal | Cotton

Functionally crafted fabric for your active lifestyle and performance

. Enhanced breathability for your feet’s natural thermal regulation

. Efficiently absorbs and releases moisture, keeping your feet airy, cool, and dry.

. Enhanced the quality of the sock’s fabric: lighter, longer-lasting softness, and more durability for your performance.

. Fabric : X Intelligent Fabric

TENCEL™️ Lyocell 100% x TENCEL™️ Modal Cotton | True Carbon Zero

The combination of TENCEL™️ LYOCELL 100% with TENCEL™️ MODAL COTTON is powerful in enhancing the sock’s fabric in regards to performance and functionality.

TENCEL™️Lyocell 100% is versatile and distinguished by its greater strength among cellulosic fibers. Combining with TENCEL™️ Modal Cotton significantly improves the softness and overall comfort.

In AGAM®️ socks, we twist the yarn together and knit with it. The result is X Intelligent Fabric with True Carbon Zero, keeping your feet feeling pleasantly cool and dry throughout your performance.

. Length: Active Low Cut

. Feel: Cozy, Cool

. Density: Lite Thick

. Usage: Sneakers | All Terrain Performance

Features :

Top socks with ergonomic soft stretch

Active Compression 120D | 30D for your anti-fatigue feet

Active Arch Grip support for your freedom of movement.

Active performance cushioning is inside all the socks for your protection from blisters and works as a shock absorber.


Machine wash in delicate cycle or
Hand wash
Hang dry , no iron.

Additional information


S / EUR. 37-40, M / EUR. 40-43, L / EUR. 43-46, XL / EUR. 46++


White, Black


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